Holy Motors….WTF

Do you ever watch something and think…What the fuck did I just watch? Well I had that feeling when I went to go and see Holy Motors over the weekend. Instead of going to watch Skyfall like normal people , or the new Twilight film like braindead people, I chose to sit through this film, utterly confused for 2 hours

I don’t really know what to say. I had a very, very odd weekend. Going to see The Vaccines was an odd experience, and this was literally just the cherry on the top.

Let’s start with the good. To start with the cinema that we saw the film in is gorgeous. The Aubin cinema in Shoreditch is amazing, you get to sit in really comfortable sofas, with blankets and cushions, its homely and intimate and its definitely a venue that I would return to.

Secondly the film had some very memorable/bizarre/hilarious bits in it. There’s a troll that eats flowers off a grave, there a nice scene on a deathbed, there’s an odd bit with Eva Mendes in a burka and a really cool musical interlude.

Finally It is beautifully shot, it’s a lovely tribute to the love of film and cinema.  And the acting in it is great, Denis Lavant is superb and Kylie Minogue is surprisingly fab in it.

The bad…. I had NO CLUE what the fuck I was seeing. Literally there is no narrative if any. It’s like a dream in a way, none of it makes sense, and that’s not really what I want in a film….everything was too random. I was also quite disturbed by some aspects… in-particular the CG sex scene and the bit with Eva Mendes, the troll and the weird erection. It was all just too odd… it’s got amazing reviews but I don’t really see what people like about it. I din’t hate it, I just guess I didn’t understand it.

With all that in mind…it was an experience. My mate Owen quite rightly said with a film like Skyfall, we would probably forget the plot within a few hours and forget what the film is all about soon enough, but with this film, we are always going to remember it as the weirdest thing that we have ever ever EVER seen.  I don’t know if I recommend it…


One thought on “Holy Motors….WTF

  1. I completely agree with your comments on this film. I was hoping it would all come clear before the end. I wouldn’t recommend it without an explanation from the writer/director.

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